Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common questions. If there is anything else you would like to know about CazVid, feel free to contact us.

Cazvid is a free, video-only, employment and income related, social media. CazVid is the first (patent pending) video-only resumes and video-only job posting app.

CazVid was specifically designed to be a video-based job postings and resumes app. We believe that for certain jobs, traditional written resumes are outdated. Video-based resumes are the best tool to present one’s charisma, verbal communication skills and personality. We are confident that with the current technologies and the current mindset of employers and employees, videos of job offers and candidates are more relevant than traditional written resumes and job postings.

Sure.  You can have links to your resume and other websites in the signature portion of your profile.

Click on the “contact” icon on the video, and you will be able to see their contact information (their public signature information of how to contact them). It will also send the video owner a notice that you would like to be contacted by them.

Users can choose to have their signature information empty (which means that they want to contact you, instead of sharing their contact information).

Yes, CazVid is free to sign up, post videos, share videos, and communicate with others.

It is free for employers to post a video for job openings. CazVid is free for employers, people who look to hire for temp work, promote business opportunities and paid training. Please check the CazVid terms of use for posting videos.

Yes, recruiters can post videos for job openings, as long as the recruiter has legitimate and current openings and the recruiter is not recording videos just to “receive calls” from candidates.

Yes, CazVid is free for job seekers, temp work seekers, and project providers, to post videos, share them, and communicate with others.

Use like to “like” a video. Users do NOT see if you like them. The “like” is more of an “interest” or “favorite” option for you to recognize and bookmark videos of interest. Use the “favorite” option to remind yourself that you would want to visit that video again and maybe contact the video owner in the future.

To protect the privacy of the users who liked a video, users can just see who they liked, but not who liked them. Users should use the “contact” feature if they want to notify the other users that they would like to be contacted.

Use “follow” in order to see all the existing videos and future video of certain users. Follow is especially relevant for candidates who may like a video of an employer and would like to see other videos (or other job openings) from the same employer.

We have designed CazVid to keep it simple. A user can use the “contact” button on a video, to see the signature information of the video owner. The signature info is the public contact info of the video owner. Also, when you click on “contact,” the video owner is notified that you would like to contact them. For example, if an employer sees a video of a candidate, the employer can use the contact function, to send a notification to the candidate that the employer is asking the candidate to be contacted. Both the candidates and employers can use the “contact” feature to initiate a request to be contacted by the other party.

Yes. Sign up is free and it takes 15 seconds. CazVid is simple, quick and easy.

Yes, in fact it is recommended. If you are an employer, you can record multiple videos to present multiple job openings. If you are a candidate, especially if you are considering different jobs, you can record multiple videos to present different skill sets. For example, if you would consider a sales job and a job as a bartender, record one video to share your skills and experience for a sales position, and record another video to highlight your experience as a bartender.

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